We partner with the Health Care Industry to accelerate innovation and create solutions to complex problems

About Us

Better Healthcare Technology delivers Better Healthcare Outcomes


Based in Perth, Western Australia, Progressive Medical brings healthcare application technology to life for clients across Australia through a consumer-focused design and development approach that performs above and beyond expectations.

We partner with the innovative healthcare individuals and companies to engage the healthcare industry and its participants: patients, payers and medical professionals.

Progressive Medical accelerates positive digital experiences in healthcare by designing world-class user experiences with the goal of changing lives and advancing the industry.

Our people are the key to integrating seamless UX design with healthcare workflows and demands. They have an unparalleled ability to channel real-world insights into new, user-centric technologies that work.

Our Services


Progressive Medical leverage new technologies to deliver significant efficiency gains to the healthcare industry

Medical Apps and Software

Software application development projects that begin with an inspiration and end with a market-ready product. We develop across multiple platforms, iOS, Android, Windows and web.

Medical Devices

Our designers work with healthcare professionals to solve real world problems. We can help you create prototypes and utilise 3D printing to help you bring your ideas to life.

IT Support

Have the peace of mind that your IT solutions will work seamlessly with our IT technicians available on demand.

Collaborative Project Ideas

If you have an idea and don’t know how to implement, we have the skills and the resources to collaboratively deliver projects.



An app to help you navigate the new National Cervical Screening Program which uses primary HPV testing

What We Do

Medical Industry Solutions


We drive, question, align, understand, identify, solve, clarify and create. You could call it a strategy, but we just think of it as the right way to do things.


We bring world-class consumer design expertise to the healthcare industry, creating powerful user experiences in the process.


Our expertise ensures that the healthcare IT solutions we build work for your clients. Our custom software development and clinical informatics expertise ensures that they work for you too.


We make sure your healthcare applications are running at maximum efficiency through our integration support and comprehensive application management services.

Your Motivation and Aspirations

We Bring Good Things to Life

Improve Patient Outcomes

It’s all about the patient. If we improve our quality of service through best practice, time savings, efficiency gains, then ultimately, the patient receives the best possible treatment outcomes.

Accelerate Innovation

Healthcare providers must continually innovate to remain at the forefront of the industry. Progressive Medical can show you how to utilise the latest technology available.

Speed to Market

Once you’ve conceptualised your innovation, how do you make it reality and bring it to market before the competition? We help companies hone their competitive edge by applying time-tested, proven technologies and methodologies to your specific challenges.

Maximise Adoption

Usability goes hand-in-hand with application design. Apps must be built from the ground up with the end user’s needs in mind. Progressive Medical has a proven track record of doing things well and delivering solutions that actually get used.

Increase Profitability

Digital healthcare solutions must work well for the end user, but they must work well for the healthcare provider too. Progressive Medical helps you create more profitable solutions.

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Progressive Medical is centrally located in the Medical precinct of Perth.
We look forward to working with you.

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